1955 King of Mercia above Malibu Reservoir in California in 1957

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My K o M high up above the reservoir in Malibu Canyon in California in Spring of 1957. I had ordered it, 24 inch and finished in RAF blue, directly from Mercian in about April 1955 whilst a student at Nottingham U. and living in Risley, Derbys. I spent a year, 1956/7, at University of California at Los Angeles and managed to get my Mercian transported out there via the brother of a friend. Eventually, about to return to .California in October 1962, I sold the bike to a friend in Cambridge. He ultimately  became a professor of engineering and I’ve lost touch with him.
Malibu reservoir is located just North of Los Angeles, about 2 miles inland up Malibu Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. Good cycling country apart from the smog.

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