Here are some answers to frequently asked questions which hopefully be of some help.

Question. Will i need to pay tax or import duty on my purchase when outside of the UK.

You may this all depends on country we are exporting to.

Question. Are you on Instagram

Yes you can find us here Mercian Cycles

Question. Where are you ?

We are in Derby , England . DE248JD

Question. What are your opening times 

Monday to Thursday open from 9am to 5pm

Friday 9am to 3pm

Saturday and Sunday Closed all day

Question. Do you service/repair cycles of any make or model

Yes we offer a comprehensive service. Please give us a call to book in.

Question. Do you supply touch up paint

We can supply touch up paint for collection only. The post office will not allow delivery of paint. If you would like to order touch up paint for collection please give us a call first to order. It will be ready and waiting the following day upon your arrival. Please be aware it is stove enamel paint has has a short shelf life of a month or so.

Question. Do you build frames to accept 650B wheels ? I’ve not seen any on your website.

Yes we do. We’ve just been to busy to add pictures or details to the site.

Question. Do you make frames to accept disc brakes

Yes we can supply a frame which is disc brake compatible.

Question. What frames do you renovate 

We re-spray and work on other frames not just Mercian , So if you would like that early Raleigh Record Ace you have in the loft given a new lease of life give us a call.

Question. Once a online / phone deposit is paid for a bike or frame what next ?

We will email you a cad design of your proposed frame also a sheet frame spec which has all the frame details eg – braze on bosses, colours etc etc. We will at this time sort out the equipment details. Only when you are happy with all the details will the frame/bike be put into production.

Question. Do you have a owners club ?

Not yet we are working on it

Question. Can i jump the queue

Sorry No

Can I jump the queue? I’m loaded – still No.

Can I jump the queue? I’m Royalty – maybe…

Question. There are so many options – I just want a Mercian bike, where do I start?

As bespoke builders we can be as in-depth or keep it as simple as you like.

There is so much choice for cycles – frames, colours, components, too many to list and with components, their compatibility and accessories are changing all the time. Firstly have a look at our recommended bikes, that’s a good place to start. We’ve chosen each of our standard models and selected components that we think suit each model to give a good quality cycle you’ll enjoy riding without the headache of choosing each individual piece of equipment. All you need to do is tell us what colour and what size.

Question. You have the different models, which should I choose?

Our frame models have changed over the years, but the favourites remain. The models have their own style, often down to personal taste, but if you like the look of e.g. the Vincitore Special and want it built as a tourer or a track bike – we can do that, no problem.

Question. What do you mean by geometry?

The geometry is the angles at which the tubes join each other. Different geometry gives a different feel to the bike, a more relaxed geometry gives a more relaxed ride, steeper angles give a racier livelier ride and there’s anywhere inbetween. Our standard geometry has been developed over the years we have been building and riding bikes. We can build to your preferred geometry, or the angles that you feel comfortable with on the frame fitting appointment, otherwise we’ll use our tried and tested angles.

Question. What are lugs?

These are the metal castings that we use to join the tubes together on “lugged” frames. We hand cut heart shaped cut-outs and clover leaf designs to make them our own distinctive models. Most of the lugs are bought in and can’t be moved about a great deal, they are made to be strong, so altering their angles is difficult, which means that with lugged frames we are restricted by the options of angles the lugs are available to buy in, but with lugless we are not restricted in this way.

Question. I want a lugged frame with massive tyres – can you do it?

Possibly, but, we are restricted by the frame building components available to buy. At the bottom bracket shell we will need to give a lot of clearance for the big tyre and the angles of the chainstay ports are already cast in metal at set angles – so we can’t alter that easily. There are ways around this – lugless bottom bracket shells, cranked chainstays and seat stays, but this would all take extra time and be considered a “special build” due to the additional work needed to make this work. Sometimes we have to fabricate something that isn’t manufactured by frame building parts suppliers, but this means additional time to make – over a standard model. Please contact us with your requirements and we will discuss with our frame builders to give you an idea of price.

Question. Would you recommend chrome plating on my new Mercian?

Honestly No , The process is very corrosive.

Question. Do you do renovation / spraying for the trade?

Yes , If you would like further details please email or phone for details.

Question. Do you supply frames to the trade ?

Yes ,If you would like further details please email or phone for details.

Question. Do you stock Campagnolo spares?

We have a good selection of past and present spares for Campagnolo, you will find them in our store on this site.

Question. Will I need to strip down my bike for a frame respray?

The more equipment you can remove from the frame / fork the better on our renovation page you will find details and prices for removing/refitting parts.

Question. Can i have my deposit back ?

No deposits are returned once a order has been placed.