Flamboyant Colours

Flamboyant paints are translucent coloured paints sprayed in a number of coats over a silver or gold base coat. There is no pearl in the flamboyant paint itself, the sparkle and light reflections come from the base coat which shines through the flamboyant top coat in daylight.

Polychromatic Colours

Polychromatic paints are ‘flatter’ metallic paints, they are metallic but no pearl/flake. A lovely bright metallic paint for those who don’t want too much sparkle.

Enamel Colours

Enamel paints are deep gloss paints, no sparkle in the paint, but a vibrant rich colour with a wide choice of colour options.

Pearl Colours

Pearl paints have a small metallic flake in the paint, not at all garish but a subtle sparkle in the paint itself giving depth and reflection, a fabulous looking paint in the sunshine.


Full colour range

Examples below of frames sprayed in colours. As the colours are so difficult to accurately photograph and view from different screens and devices, we’re aiming to photograph colours as we do some, to give an accurate view as possible. Hover over the photo to see which colour this is. Pictures taken in our sprayshop, with sprayshop lights, so colours do change in the daylight.

All colours are so much better in real life.