Des’ New Strada Speciale

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A belated thank to all the guys at Mercian for my wonderful Strada Speciale frame.  It was more than worth the wait! Such flawless paintwork … I was scared to touch it! It has given me a wonderful summer of joy cycling around the quiet lanes of East Anglia.
After years of carbon bikes, I was a bit worried that my steel frame would be a disappointment … but not a bit of it. Of course, the right spec, for me, can make a big difference. The 853 Pro Team frame is a great start enhanced by lovely polished stainless steel drop-outs and the Irish shamrock lugs are “a bit of me” as my grandson would say! Along with a set of superb Borg hand-built alloy wheels and tubeless tyres, the whole bike has such a smooth and effortless flow down the road. The lovely mechanical feel of  the 12 speed Campagnolo Chorus group set compliments the build perfectly (despite the rather incongruous “patchy” carbon look). The shiny retro Nitto finishing kit seemed appropriate for a steel frame and gives a bit of added compliance and adjustability. Undoubtedly I didn’t need the Brookes saddle and luggage, but why not spoil myself?!
All in all, I am over the moon with my 70th birthday present to myself! Thank you once again.
With best wishes to you all.
Thank you Des for your email and pictures.

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