Ian’s frame renovation

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I thought you might like to see how I built up my recently refurbished 531c frame. I’ve not been out on it yet though as it’s snowing here 🤨 Can’t wait until it melts 😊

The flamboyant Ruby paint looks absolutely amazing in the sunlight and lug lining is really lovely and fine.

There are a few nods to bikes I owned in the 80’s – Mavic rims, Brooks saddle, Campag components, traditional shape bar. The black / gold KMC chain reminds me of the SedisSport I used to run.

The groupset is a mix & match combined of Super Record, Chorus and Potenza with a Dura Ace cassette. (It’s great that 11 speed cassettes across manufacturers have the same spacing). Mixed & match was how it was on my 80’s bikes as could never afford a full groupset but a Record rear mech was a must have.
I kept the build as light as possible, the wheels are sub 1400g and there are loads of Ti bolts about too. The weight is 18.75lbs as you see it in the pic. I’m really pleased with that.

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