Surface Improver on renovations

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Over the years we’ve tried many ways of filling pitting, the only permanent solution is replacement of tubes or filling with brass or silver, but this is time consuming and therefore can be costly (and excess heat to the middle thin part of the tubes – isn’t recommended).

We fill dents with brass and silver where possible, but we’ve been working on various trials with different products and methods to be able to offer Surface Improver and we now have a couple of ways we can improve the surfaces on your tubes / lugs etc. This isn’t a permanent solution, if you were to shot blast the frame down to the bare metal – the pitting will still be there, but if you’re going to have a respray and want your tubes to look smooth and shiny, then we can offer you Surface Improver, just tell us how long you want us to spend on the surface and how far you’d like us to go.

We can spend one hour improving the surfaces on your frame for £40 or you can specify more time … but the option is there and the choice is yours. The before and after shots of the 1960 Mercian track frame shown here had one hour spent on the frame.

Just let us know when you book in your renovation with us, some customers like the character and battle-scars on their frame to remain with just a fresh coat of paint, transfers and varnish, while some frames might warrant a surface to match the top class paint finish with a helping hand from the frame builders and paint shop.




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