John’s Raleigh Flyer Renovations

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We recently renovated a couple of Raleigh Flyers for John, who worked with a subcontracted company at Raleigh in the late 1970’s in their paint division. Raleigh were developing powder coating as a new technology brought over from the US and fine tuning it to suit their production.  John had been looking for a Raleigh Flyer frame to renovate for 30 years and what do you know, he found two in quick succession. One from Dorset and one from Sheffield, both coincidentally were June 1974 frames.

Replacement decals weren’t available so he sent detailed measurements and pictures to H Lloyd Cycles, who replicated them all for the renovation.


We mixed the colours for the frames before the paint was stripped off, finding a section of paint that hadn’t faded over the 45 years since new and set about making the frames as good as new.

We think they came out really well and John was pleased with the finished frames and he’s building them up as I write this blog.




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