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We recently had a 1960 Mercian Superlight to renovate for Tom. The frame was in a little bit of a state, with surface rust and a badly done repair to the seat lug done somewhere / sometime, score marks on the track dropouts (plus any frame with chrome is generally worse for wear than a frame without), Tom  wanted us to remove the chrome, restore the frame, repair the poor seat lug repair and spend a bit of time on surface improvement to reduce the pitting from the rust patches.

Tom had done lots of research on the internet and found a few examples of frames with the Old 3D Gothic transfer on some very early Mercians and was keen to have this style of transfer (see previous Blog post) and he also came up with a very nice paint scheme, with Black Enamel main finish, Red Enamel, White Enamel, Silver Pearl and Gold Poly bands of various sizes, with Gold lug lining to compliment the newly recreated 3D transfer.

We think the renovation looks great. It wasn’t a cheap restoration, with all the behind the scenes/under the paint repair and surface improvement and the masking of all the bands in different colours – but Tom was pleased with the finished renovation (and that’s what matters) but we’re pretty pleased with how it looks too.

Good for another 59 years!



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