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with a couple of things…..

Firstly, we have a good customer who has been invited to ride the Eroica 2019 at short notice, we’ve been looking about – but we don’t have a pre-1987 Mercian to suit.

It’s an unusual request we know… but he’s a very good customer, does a lot for Mercian and we would like to help him if we can. Do  you have a 62cm or 24″ – 24 1/2″ Eroica-ready Mercian that you would be willing to lend us to allow him to represent us on the ride? (We know it’s like asking to borrow one of your children!) But you never know, you might have one in your stable that you don’t mind having a run out – it’s worth a shot … (He’s a very responsible chap).

If you think you might be able to help – then great! Please contact us by email: merciancycles@btconnect.com or telephone 01332 752468.


Secondly, we are restoring a Superlight for a customer and he’s done lots of research on 1950’s Mercians and would like to have the early 3D Gothic font re-created for the down tube transfer, pictures below (borrowed from the Mercian register Flickr site).

Unfortunately this is all we’ve got, we don’t have any original transfers, artwork, better photos or a frame that we can photograph / trace the transfers from so we can pass them to the transfer maker / artist to re-create them.

Can you help with this? If you have something we can copy from, please email Jane at merciancycles@btconnect.com or call 01332 752468.

Thanks in advance.


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