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After 74 years on the high street – Mercian’s going home!


At the end of this month, November 2018 we’ll be leaving behind our lovely retail neighbours in Alvaston and downscaling our showroom to move everything over to our manufacturing Workshop.


We don’t need to add our two penn’orth to what’s happening to retail on the high street, when components can be bought online cheaper than we can buy from our awesome wholesalers – it’s become too expensive to have what has become an ‘internet showroom’ for folks to come see, feel, ask advice, then scan the barcode and nip off to order online, so we’re concentrating on where the work is – the Mercian workshop.


We’ll be focusing our efforts on Mercian frames, Mercian bikes, renovation and resprays to all makes of frames. We’ll still be doing bike strip and rebuilds, bike servicing and repairs on anything and everything, and we’ll still be offering Campagnolo spare parts and carrying small stocks of our favourite components and accessories, so in essence nothing changes – only the address and the size of our shop floor.


So where are we going? Well, our workshop is a small brick-built unit (which we believe was an old barracks building), 2 miles away from our current shop on the Ascot Drive industrial estate, where Mercian has been building and renovating frames since 1965, it’s an old building and we’re not geared up for customers straight away so we’ll be a little bit disorganised to start with, but please bear with us, with all the Mercian family together we’ll get straight soon. (We’ve just come off the phone from a Mercian frame builder from the 1950’s who will help us to make a showroom in the workshop in the New Year).


Email and phone lines will be the same: info@merciancycles.com & 01332 752468.


Opening hours: 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, closed weekends, but Saturdays frame and bike orders available by appointment only.


We hope you’ll agree this is a good move for Mercian, although we won’t have a shiny showroom for a while, we’ll still offer a cup of tea and a friendly welcome (we’ll get the workshop guys used to seeing people before your know it!)

Parking available.





  1. Hello:
    I’ve had five Mercians. I still have two the oldest being 1976. You built two for me personally. That should tell you something of how I feel about Mercians.
    I’m sure you’re making the right decision and I want to wish you the very best.

    Your friend in cycling,
    Donald Genovese
    Montara, CA 94037 U.S.A.

  2. As long as you keep going you will have the customer base to support you. You transformed my frame, a superb restoration. The shop was always window dressing to me to be honest …. sorry … You have made the right decision .. best regards David Whiteside.

  3. Well, sorry to hear this, and good luck with your new beginning. I’ve been meaning to pop by since I picked up a second-hand Mercian a few years ago, but since nothing has gone wrong with it I felt I’d just be taking up your time unnecessarily! Hopefully you’ll still be around for me when I need you 🙂

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