Andrews King of Mercia update

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Hello All at Mercian,

I have further improved my King of Mercia, I have changed the brake and gear cable outers for grey to further match the MERCIAN transfer on the downtube.

I found the crankset chain rings ( originally i fitted 46/36) under geared and have gone to 53/39. I may even change to drop bars at some date in the near future, if I do I will be in touch for some Ritchey classic drop bars, this will probably work out near on £200.00 including shimano 105 shift and brake levers. The higher gearing has really improved speed on the flat, I was constantly over pedalling with the 46/36.

Now I have been riding the bike since September last year I have to say this is probably the nicest bike I have ever owned, it just seems to go with lot more ease than my previous bikes. I have a Surly Crosscheck which is OK, but not a patch on my Mercian. On the hills it is even more noticeable.

I constantly scan the second hand web sites looking for a 61cm Mercian second hand, because I think if I get hold of one I will swap the parts from my Surly (Which is well kitted out) to that bike.

Regards Andrew 


Thank you Andrew for your email and pictures

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