Rob’s Mercian

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Hello Mercian ,

Here are some photos of the finished build. I’m very pleased with it; it rides nicely.

Mix of original and replacement (new, nos, and vgc) parts: XT (M730) rear hub for the re-spaced rear triangle; XT (M730) chainset (vgc eBay) to replace a Specialized ST1 “flag” triple (cracks where crank met spider); re-rivetted B17 Imperial; new Nitto B136 bars; HPX pump dismantled (polished and drilled to take second pump peg). The Honjo H58 mudguards suit a classic English lightweight; closest thing nowadays to Bluemels “Airweights” and, as they come undrilled, it would be possible to use English-style bridges and stays (I considered it). Saddlebag QR made from a double-ended, stainless snap hook, u-clamps and eye-bolts (an idea found on the web) works brilliantly.

All in all, ready for another 30 years. Thanks again for such a great job!



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