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I wanted to say a massive thank you to all those of you involved in renovating and respraying/finishing my 753 frame – it looks absolutely fabulous again. The top tube looks immaculate – I am amazed how good it looks given the mess it was in when I brought it to you. To celebrate, I changed a few components and hence the delay in getting back to you with some photos of the reassembled bike – see attached. I switched:

Headset: from Campagnolo record to Chris King Gripnut titanium
Wheels: from Hope/Mavic SUP ceramic with 8 speed steel 13-23 block to Xentis 2.5 squads with 8 speed full titanium 13-23 block
Handlebars: from 3TTT extralight to Schmolke TLO carbon
Saddle/seatpost: Flite titanium/Campagnolo Record to Prologo Scratch Nack/USE titanium.
Pedals: Campagnolo record to speedplay titanium nanogram

I retained the Campagnolo record chainset and Royce titanium BB, Campagnolo record front and rear mech and record 8-speed brake levers, and Modolo Master Pro titanium brakes.

I have carefully archived all the old components in case I feel sentimental and want to ‘go retro’ but the new version is riding like a dream and I can’t see me switching it back anytime soon. For the record, it weighs in at 8.00 Kg (cf. 9.35 Kg previously).

Many thanks again – its like having a new bike…

Best wishes



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