Chris and the tandem

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We bought it from a lady near stone henge, it had belonged to her father who had died 7 or 8 years before.
I think he was the second owner.
I completely stripped & serviced it, re-greased every bearing & polished the frame.
I replaced cables, tyres, chains, bar tape & saddles. But most of the rest is original. Nothing was seized or damaged.
I have owned a few tandems over the years & ridden quite a few more.
This is without doubt one of the best I have ever ridden & we are really enjoying it.

It was lovely to visit the Mercian shop after so many years admiring the bikes & thank you for making us feel so welcome.
Many thanks for the spec. Sheet for our tandem, it’s great to know its original build.
Here are some photos of the original advert and the tandem now, after a full strip down, service & polish.

Thank you Chris for the photos and email.

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