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A large part of our work in the Mercian workshop is repairing and renovating Mercian and all other makes of cycle frame from the earliest vintage collector’s frames to the newest carbon frames.

Repairs, re-sprays and frame finishing are all completed in house, (with the exception of chroming) using the best quality frame-building parts and highest quality stove enamels.

*please ensure that there are no batteries in the frame before renovation*

Repair and renovation prices includes:

  • Preparation of the frame, existing paint removed sympathetically. (Some alloy, carbon and steel frames with very thin-walled tubing will need the paint removing by hand which has an additional charge, see current price below).
  • Frames etch primed and rubbed down by hand with finest grade glass paper to give the best adhesion for the coats of paint.
  • Frame inspection once primed for paint.
  • Light sanding between coats of enamel to ensure a deep and glossy finish.
  • A minimum of two generous coats of clear lacquer to protect the transfers and give a hard wearing durable finish.
  • A final inspection before all the threads are cleaned and re-tapped to ready the frame for ease of building.
  • If delivery is required - strong, durable packaging makes sure the frame reaches you in showroom condition.

Renovation Price List For Any Make Of Frame

Prices are + VAT at current rate - applies to UK & EC sales only

Headset and bottom bracket fittings should be removed if possible, or removal and refit charges will apply.

This price list is for the repair of any make of frame. Tube replacements will be like for like. Higher specification tubing replacements may attract a surcharge on the price below.

Unfortunately 753 tubing cannot be repaired.

General frame repairs

Allen key seat lug fitting (with key and bolt) £39.00
Bottle cage bosses (with stainless allen bolts) £24.00
Bottom bridge / mudguard bridge £35.00
Brake bridge (reinforced) £39.00
Braze on pump peg, brake/gear cable guides, m/guard eyes, chain peg etc, each £12.00
Lever bosses – each £19.00
Campagnolo gear hanger brazed on £33.00
Cantilever brake pivots – per brake £45.00
Centre pull bridge on seat stay – including adjuster £28.00
Concealed cable in top tube £60.00
Dents filled in where possible with brass (small) – each £15.00
Disc mount, rear, brazed on (brake and wheel required for fit) £65.00
Drill out seized in rear end adjuster – each, re-tapped if possible £18.00
Drill frame and forks for allen key brakes £20.00
Dynamo bracket brazed on frame (please supply dynamo bottle to ensure fit) £43.00
Fill metal head badge holes £14.00
Front gear changer boss on seat tube (state double or triple and chain ring sizes) £45.00
Postcode stamped on bottom bracket £19.00
Rack eyes, rear, (4 point fixing), including stainless allen bolts £48.00
Rack eyes, front, lowrider or custom lowrider (4 point fixing) inc stainless allen bolts £48.00
Re-track frame and forks £40.00
Re-track frame only £30.00
Re-track and straighten forks – if possible £30.00
Remove brazed-on bits and clean up tube – each item £9.00
Remove seized seat pillar, handlebar stem or bottom bracket £28.00
Tunnel under bottom bracket £15.00

Frame work

New pair of forks – Romani crown (finish to choice – extra) £155.00
New fork column £59.00
New bottom bracket shell and bridge £125.00
New top tube £95.00
New down tube £95.00
New seat tube £100.00
New head tube and lugs (Mercian Vincitore lugs extra charge £50) £110.00
New top, down, head tube and lugs (Mercian Vincitore lugs extra charge £50) £225.00
Fit single seat stay £75.00
Fit single chain stay £75.00
One pair of seat stays (including bridge) £140.00
One pair of chain stays (including bridge) £140.00
Rear triangle complete with dropouts and bridges £225.00
New pair rear dropouts £120.00
New single rear dropout £75.00
New front dropout £40.00
New pair fork blades and dropouts £105.00

Finish Price List For Any Make of Frame

Flamboyant paints are translucent coloured paints sprayed in a number of coats over a silver or gold base coat. There isn't pearl in the flamboyant paint itself but the sparkle and light reflectivity comes from the pearl base coat which shines through the flamboyant top coat in daylight.

Polychromatic paints are “flatter” metallic paints, (a little like the underside of tin foil) they are metallic but have the tiniest sparkle/pearl flake in them which is visible on close inspection, a nice bright metallic paint for those who don't want too much sparkle.

Pearl paints are colours with a small metallic flake in the paint - a subtle sparkle in the paint itself giving depth and reflection, a fabulous looking paint in the daylight. White Pearl is a white enamel base coat with a transparent pearlescent top coat. Lemon Pearl is a yellow base coat with pearlescent top coat.

Enamel paints are deep gloss paints, no sparkle in the paint, but a vibrant rich colour with a wide choice of colour options.

Frame and forks stove enamelled in enamel or polychromatic £120.00
Frame and forks stove enamelled in Italian pearl or flamboyant £135.00
Frame and forks stove enamelled in flip flop/colour change paint £155.00
Frame only stove enamelled in all finishes (colour change paint + £25) £110.00
Forks only stove enamelled in all finishes (colour change paint + £15) £40.00
Trike frame and forks in enamel or polychromatic £210.00
Tandem frame and forks stove enamelled in enamel or polychromatic £210.00
Tandem frame and forks stove enamelled in flamboyant or Italian pearl £235.00
Mudguards (pair) or rack sprayed £55.00
Carbon frame and fork stove enamelled (at own risk) £220.00
Carbon fork only stove enamelled (at own risk) £70.00
Colour matching (per colour) £35.00
Paint stripped by hand, lightweight aluminium frames etc £45.00


Contrast band/panel on the seat tube, top tube or down tube £35.00
Extra bands on seat tube (all same colour) – each £14.00
Whole seat tube in contrast colour £40.00
Barbers pole on seat tube £75.00
Rear triangle and forks in contrast colour £65.00
Head tube £37.00
Overspray – one extra colour £50.00
Overspray – two extra colours £60.00
Overspray – three extra colours £70.00
Lugs painted in contrasting colour - per lug, bottom bracket, crown, etc (each, incl masking) £35.00
Masking / stencils to pattern POA

Headbadges, Lug Lining and Transfers

(also see notes below regarding transfers)
Mercian enamelled metal headbadge, choice of 'World Over' or 1950’s, fitted £48.50
Lug lining £40.00
Fit makers transfers (transfers extra at cost) £28.00
Supply and fit Olympic band (per band) £7.00
Mercian transfers on a Mercian renovation (plus fitting) £25.00
Personalised name made up in a small vinyl transfer, for eg top tube, (script style or block) pair, 1 colour £20.00
Mercian transfers by post (with fixing varnish) UK. Frame number required £25.00
Mercian transfers by post (with fixing varnish) Non UK. Frame number required £30.00
Vinyl transfers e.g. Claud Butler, Raleigh, Holdsworth, Flying Scot etc, from £25 one colour, two colours from £30. Also Repro & original transfers for many frame makes kept in stock / sourced for your renovation, prices vary according to supplier.
(We cannot guarantee the quality of finish of other manufacturer's transfers when fitted or varnished. Early type are at risk of break up on application due to age. New vinyl transfers that we haven't supplied (or sourced from a manufacturer that we don't know ) can be made in cheaper / poor quality vinyl that is unsuitable for stoving and will shrink in the oven ruining a nice renovation. Please check if unsure.


Fittings are ordered, removed, saved or fitted by our trained showroom mechanics, the workshop only deal with the bare frame.
Fit new head set (new fittings charged at current prices) £20.00
Fit new bottom bracket set (new fittings charged at current prices) £20.00
Remove and save head set £15.00
Remove and save bottom bracket set £16.00
Remove, clean and refit head set £33.00
Remove, clean and refit bottom bracket set £33.00
Strip and reassemble cycle, components cleaned, inc bottom bracket and headset. (new fittings charged at current prices) £230.00
Remove and refit head badge £15.00

Strip Old Chrome

On renovations not requiring re-chroming
Strip old chrome on forks £22.00
Strip old chrome on frame £40.00

653, 725, 731 and 853 Frames
Please note that we can only chrome the dropouts on these frames. This is because the stays are too thin to be polished for chrome plating

Save Existing Chrome

Mask and save chrome crown £24.00
Mask and save chrome front dropouts £24.00
Mask and save chrome rear dropouts £26.00
Mask and save chrome front ends £24.00
Mask and save chrome rear ends £26.00
Mask and save chrome head lugs £33.00

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating is the only process we cannot do in-house at our Derby workshop. Chrome plating is undertaken by, in our opinion, the best in the business. The company we use specialise in restoration chrome plating and receives work from all over Europe due to the quality of the job they do and the quality of the materials they use.

Chrome front dropouts £49.50
Chrome rear dropouts £72.00
Chrome rear dropouts and right hand chainstay £110.00
Chrome front ends – approximately 6" £83.00
Chrome rear ends – approximately 6" £174.00
Chrome rear ends up to bridges £200.00
All chrome forks £115.00
Chrome crown £55.00
Tandem front dropouts £50.00
Tandem rear dropouts £110.00
Tandem rear dropouts and right hand chainstay £160.00

Chrome Plating Renovations

We can also offer a top quality chrome plating service on renovations – providing the frame surface to be chromed is not pitted.

Please add 20% to the above prices for chrome plating on renovations. This extra charge is due to the additional preparation work required on frames and forks prior to and following chrome plating, includes old chrome/paint removal, masking for painting, extra hand finishing / rubbing down and delivery to/from the chrome platers.


Replacement Mercian transfers are available for your renovation; please let us know the style – Gothic or Block, the colour preferred and the positions for fitting.

Some period original Reynolds transfers are still available, we have stocks of a variety of original transfers, although we can often source replica transfers if required where originals are not available. Below is a link to a pdf of some of the stock Reynolds 531 transfers we have available, other tubing transfers also available. (Sorry, we don't sell Reynolds transfers unless we're renovating the frame).

We can also make transfers at our workshop to personalize your frame in a variety of vinyl colours, please let us know your requirements.

Transfers for most frame manufacturers can be made in-house, supplied from our stock of original makers transfers or we order in from specialist suppliers. The transfers we buy or make in-house are in high quality material that can be varnished over. If we supply the transfers for your renovation we know what material they are made from and will usually be able to varnish over the top of the transfers to seal and protect them in place. If we haven’t supplied the transfers and don’t know the materials used we can’t be sure whether they can be baked in the oven, so we can only fit these transfers over the varnish. Some manufacturer’s transfers are not designed to be varnished over (eg Kona) so would again be applied over the varnish. We varnish over 98% of the transfers we fit - varnish fix, vinyl or waterslide. There are so many options it's difficult to generalise, please ask us and we'll let you know what's available for your make & model of frame.

Please bear in mind with transfers that they can deteriorate over time if not kept in the correct conditions - or sometimes even if they have been stored correctly. We can do a superb job on the re-spray but old / unsuitable transfers can spoil the effect completely. We can't guarantee old transfers or ones that we don't supply I'm afraid.

Delivery Times

Delivery time for renovations is normally 6-8 weeks, with an extra 3 – 4 weeks if chrome plating is required. At busy times / holiday time delivery times can creep over the estimate, so please don't shout at the guys at the shop if the frame isn't ready exactly on the 8 weeks.

Getting your frame to us

If you wish to bring your frame to us, please take it to our showroom address (Closed Wednesdays and Sundays). We are open from 9am – 5.30pm – closing 5pm on Saturday. Here, you will see all our colour samples and frame finishes.

If you wish to send your frame to us, please complete our frame renovation form (link to pdf to print off at the bottom of this page) and attach it to the top tube of your frame (not on the outside of the box). Please put a brace between the front and rear dropouts, a piece of wood doweling will suffice.

*Please ensure that the frame does not have batteries inside it when being sent for renovation*

We still deliver frames to you, but Parcelforce have changed their terms and conditions over recent times so we can no longer offer a collection service, however we have found Interparcel to be a good replacement service, giving you the option of which carrier / service to choose and it's cheaper than we could organise for you! Once you have boxed up and addressed your frame just measure your box and put the details onto the easy-to-use site, and hey presto your frame will be on it's way to us and we will deliver it back to you once the renovation is completed.

Interparcel can be found here They offer a selection of rates to choose from.

Pack your frame and address it to: Mercian Cycles Ltd, 7 Shardlow Road, Alvaston, Derby DE24 0JG.

To download and print a pdf version of our Renovation Form (to complete and send with your frame)

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