Spray Shop other work

Not only do we spray cycle frames we now have the opportunity to open our doors for further work for example :-

Motorcycle frames / swing arms , battery boxes and all other fixings.

We prepare and finish to our top standard.

Minor frame work undertaken also. ( brackets welding etc etc )

Above can be seen the quality of the stove enamel service we offer giving a quality authentic finish. ( Neils Kawasaki Z1 winner of numerous trophies )

Neils finished winning machine.

Stove enamel as well as 2 pack is available so if you’re renovating your motorcycle we can now spray parts for these as well.

In fact most items can be sprayed to suit your needs. So why not give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Some parts recently resprayed  for a customer below.

Black enamel , but of course we can enamel in any of our colours if you wish.


Audi hub caps ( quite rare apparently ) , these where certainly the worse for wear when they came in , now as new.