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We offer a frame search which MAY bring up all the details retaining to your frame number. It could be just a model and or frame size though so please be aware. Early frame number paperwork details can now be very faint and sketchy due to age.  Until we find your specific number there is no way of telling.  At check out please add your frame number into the order notes box and contact email so we can return our findings. Our records START in 1972  so any number before that date we are unable to help with. You can find the number in two places. The last two digits will be the year of manufacture.

1. On the fork column ( the fork would have to be removed to see this number )

2. Underneath the Bottom bracket shell. This could be hard to see as it may be covered with paint.

The charge is per frame number.

Please allow a few days as we have to find your details in our records.

Thank you

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