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I've been told by the shop team to let you lot know about our work, we still get people contacting us at our shop who don't know the full extent of our services.

It's no good nowadays advertising in newspapers or magazines, people read them less and less, it's all about sitting at home with a gadget. I feel people think we are just Mercian only.

First of all – the workshop.

Our team at the works on Ascot Drive are builders and sprayers of frames first and foremost, but do repair work on any steel frame where possible, from a 1920's Sunbeam right up todays works of art.

Braze on cable stops, guides etc, fitting and removal are a doddle, and new tubes can be accommodated as well. (Turnaround on tubes replacement takes longer as it's the same framebuilders who repair the frames as well as build new Mercians, and it's a long and tricky job taking a tube out and putting in a new one), so if you're unfortunate to have a spill – don't throw it away, it's possible we can get it back on the road again.

People still believe we only work on Mercians, this is not the case, so pop that frame over to us – in a few weeks time it will be back in your hands looking very sparkly, then it's up to you if it's going to be used or just put in your collection to ogle.

A few of our renovated frames can be seen at our Pinterest site.

Box lining is a dark art and has now been embraced by our sprayshop, and is now available.

Transfers may seem difficult to replace for some customers, but we are able to source 90% of sets for renovations. We also have old stocks of transfers for some obscure bikes makes, plus we can manufacturer transfers in our workshop too, ie club names, nicknames etc, giving your steed that one-off we all seem to want today, so leave it to us and we'll get the right quality of transfers for you.

Winter time is the best time for that renovation work: dark cold nights, rain, snow, ice – all make for unpleasant enjoyment :)

All frame prices and respray work can be found on our website.

The Shop, Shardlow Road

This is the shiny side where the frames are sent to be built into complete bikes or to be collected by their owner. The lads there have god-knows how many years of experience, so the thought of turning a job away to them is alien. We can fix almost anything. And again, people believe that because it's a Mercian shop – they don't touch any other bike, of course this is utter madness. We want as many people out on their bikes as possible and that means that any make or model of bike can be repaired. Usually turnaround is just a few days, depending on how busy we are.

Prices start from just a few pounds to get that bike sorted, so there's no excuse not to get it fettled and ready for use.

Famous for our wealth of knowledge when Campagnolo is concerned and the amount of spares we have means we are able to help on 90% of your problems.We have more spares in stock than Campagnolo, I'm positive of that :)

Ergo lever repairs are possible to various degrees – depending on age of lever. All items we have can be sent by mail to wherever you reside. It's no problem if it's a 5mm nut or a complete bike (although we prefer to have you collect in person, so we can set up your position). We are working very hard to get our shop online – honest! I know you've been waiting for years, but believe me it's coming and coming soon.

So in a nutshell our team are here to help, we are bike mad and want you to enjoy your bike. So please even just have a mooch about the shop, just call in a see us.

All the best