Kyle and his Mercian collection

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Hi folks at Mercian,
I just finished putting together a nice-looking 1980 Strada Speciale that I found recently. The bike was in decent shape already, with a few chips and scratches, and some dulled paint. Some paint touch-ups and a bit of effort with some buffing compounds, and the finish looks like new again. I built it up with a mix of age-appropriate components. I love the lugwork on this bike -- the shot-in stays, and the clover leaf cutouts in the the lugs. I got lots of complements from strangers on the bike's maiden voyage.
I've attached some pictures, and there are more on my blog, The Retrogrouch.
Unless I've lost count, this now makes 8 Mercians in my collection. The others were pictured in the article I wrote about Mercian's history, including an interview with Grant: