Matts rather nice 753

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I have just acquired a second Mercian to keep my 653 Pro Lugless company (a pic of which is also on this blog). This one is a 1985 Strada Speciale constructed with Reynolds 753t tubing. Yes that's correct 't' not 'r'! It's pretty much C-Record groupset throughout, with some radially spoked GP4 wheels. I plan on doing a few TT's on this during the summer months to compare how it performs againts the Pro Lugless. It weighs in at just 8.7kg so I am expecting good things from it; that's assuming I don't come a cropper catching my toe in the front wheel due to the ultra short wheelbase.

As an aside, can anyone tell me if there are any Mercian meets held anywhere in the Notts / Derby / Leics area?