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Hello from Zurich. 
I just finished a week of teaching in Grindelwald, and enjoyed riding there from Zurich and back on the belt-drive KOM you built me in 2011.  Here is a rough sketch of my route (minus the getting lost details):

and attached are a few pictures.  The Alpine passes kicked my ass (it would have been nice to have a few more gears, a few more inches of quadriceps, and an extra pair of lungs too), but the bike performed spotlessly on the various tarmac, gravel, dirt, stone, etc national bike routes (and the odd goat trail).  I had to put the bike on a diet for the airplane, and swapped the usual Schwalbe Marathon 37c tires for a pair of folding 28c Panaracer Tourguards.  Very glad I put in new brake pads for this downhills.  And who knew the Panaracers at 80 psi would be far, far smoother rolling than the Schwalbes at 60 psi?  Well, maybe you, but I didn't.
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