Festive Tipple with a story

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I bought some of these  for the festive season and just thought you would like the story found on the reverse label.Why The Gardeners's Tap
When James Paine built the Chatsworth stables in the 1760's a brewery was included. Beer was brewed for the main House and for the staff. It was part of their wages until 1931. Rather than carry the barrels to the house cellar. When ale had been brewed it was piped directly  into one of the huge oak barrels for several years. The barrels still exist today but the wood has dried and shrunk, and are no longer usable.In the 1950's it was decided to uproot the lead pipe for the salvage value. When tracing it through the first Duke's greenhouse. it was found that the gardeners had tapped into it ! Someone discovered that the brewers tipped the wink to the gardeners when ale was flowing down, so they could 'borrow' the odd pint or two.Great story and great drink.Merry Xmas all