Major Davids collection

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Here is a series of my collection.  I bought my first Merican, an Olympic, in 1971.  Sold that one and bought a Professional in 1972.  Then I had my first Mercian built for me in 1973.  It was a Viggorelli, which got stolen en route.  The replacement arrived in early 1974.  I still have that bike.  My brother rode it for years in the USA Nationals.  I got it back about six years ago.  I got my next Professional in 1977.  Still have that one with over 184K miles.  I keep that at my mom's home in Illinois, USA.  I had a 1978 KOM until I sold that to a professor in 2002.  Since then I have had three additional bikes built.  A 2000 Prolugless, which I now use for Time Trials.  A 2004 Prolugless, which my son keeps up and rides in Alabama.  I use it when I see him.  Finally I bought a Velocita in 2007.  Unfortunately that bike got busted up when a roof rack failed.  But, at that time I did not know that there was a huge 1cm hole in the downtube and raced it 125 miles from Brownsville Texas to Roma.  Now would carbon, aluminum or even titanium hold up to a 210 pound rider...  Needless to say, I sent it back and the shop did not recommend replacing, as it was out of alignment.  Perfection...  I rode it hands off, through sharp corners, up and down hills  without problem.  So I replaced with a 2009 with a Barber Pole. 
408,000 miles on Mercians.  I still have five, six if you include my wife's 1985 KOM.  I forgot to add that the 1974 Vigorelli is orginal paint.  I raced it all on US and German Velodromes.  My brother Dan, owner of Grand Performance Cycles in ST Paul Minnestota, raced it in US Nationals and, I belive the 1980 or 84 Olympic Trials.