Anton’s bike from Somerville U.S.A

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Dear sir,I had the good fortune of becoming the owner of a 1971 Mercian Olympic and thought I'd share a photo of it.  Its history is largely unknown, but its previous owner had bought it from his local bike shop as a used frame of unknown origin-- the original decals had been sprayed over. After building it up and deciding it was a really nice riding frame, the owner stripped it to give it a proper repaint.  It was then that he discovered it was a Mercian, and upon verification of the serial number, sent it to your shop for a complete restoration. Apparently it needed a lot of repair:  a new bottom bracket and several dents filled.  The frame came back beautifully restored, new Mercian decals, classic two-tone paint scheme, and christened with the original serial # (5971) stamped on its new bottom bracket.  The bike was built up true to its vintage with a nearly period-correct Campagnolo Nuovo Record group, Cinelli stem and bars, new old stock Super Champion rims and lots of little period-correct extras like Silca Imperio pump and TA bottle cage.  When the bike came into my hands, I swapped out a few parts-- namely I replaced the 52/42 Campy crankset for a more versatile vintage TA compact double and also added a period-correct Brooks Pro saddle.  I also added a pair of Bluemels Club Specials to round out the package.I love this bike!  It fits me perfectly and it's proven to be my favorite all-around rider. This one's a keeper.Best,Anton Somerville, MA, USA