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I just realized you wanted a parts list. I apologize I am remiss in
returning this information in a timely manor. ...maybe thats why you
didn't post the pictures...
I would be honored to have this posted in your Gallery.

I Love your bikes I have, now,  three  a hat trick!  My Wife is 6'2"
longer legged, and I am 6'5" so either of us can ride any of the

1970 Mercian Campionissimo  63cm
1982 Trathalon 63cm
1975 Superlight 64cm

The specs on the 1975 Superlight  are Shimano Droupouts 531
Campagnolo Victory Partial Group; BB, FD, RD, Cranks, NOS Victory
Chainwheels,   to a Suntour Perfect 5 cog Freewheel
Diacompe Grand Comp Brakes and levers

Nitto Grand "Randoneur" as spelled on handlebar
Nitto Technomic Stem
AirBike made in Japan NJS Custom Saddle
SR Laprade fluted Saddle
Silca Pump red!
CS Blue Tires.
Blue Cork Grip Tape.
Galvanized Cables with White Housing
Galvanized Spokes

Currently on are the Superchampion Competition Gentleman 81 Rims on
Galvanized (yikes) 36 spoke DuraAce low flange hubs with oil port are
on but I will be putting a set of Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo High Flange
hubs on Superchampion rims 36 DT Swiss spokes. I finished the rear
wheel assembly tuesday now for the truing and to tie and soldering the
spokes the front is done... just finishing the rear.
Again thank you for all the great Bicycles I have now restored two...

Warmest Regards,

Olympia WA