Andrew’s Mercian touring machine with some great link’s

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Hi,I picked up my used Mercian bicycle in September 2008 from a man in Seattle, Washington USA (where I now live). The seller had purchased it as a frame/fork set which had been repainted sometime in the 80's by someone who apparently wanted their name written on the top tube which now reads "Eric Woodward" (see image:, during the repaint the Serial number was lost (my guess, under a layer of paint) so I have no idea which model or year this was manufactured. The seller guessed sometime in the 70's.I recently overhauled the entire bike and put more new modern components on it for light touring and rides around town.

Mercian on my first day of ownership: (details about the purchase are in the comments)Here is what the Mercian looked like before the overhaul: is an archive of all the photos i've captured for this bike:!AndrewSeattle, WA USA