Michael’s Red Audax

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Hi Mercian Cycles

Responding to your request for cycle pictures with a story for your blog site, this is how i came to be the greatful owner of this little gem.

This 1993 Audax was owned by a late friend's brother who lived just two miles from your shop, he gave it to his brother who in turn gifted it to me five years ago when he found out he had leukaemia, my friend sadly passed away four years ago. The bike was originally silver and black, this summer I decided to refurbish the bike (by myself); with a fresh outlook I chose to change the visual cosmetics of the bike, Red Black Silver being the theme. I hope I have succeeded in retaining the bikes character and kept true to the honesty of a piece of British hand built craftsmanship. The bike now proudly takes up residency in Nottingham.

Any comments would be welcomed from visitors to this site; Good, Bad or Indifferent

Kind regards Michael
Thanks for the pictures Michael. I've also put a few more on the Google Plus site.