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It took a while but here are finally some pics of the 2 masterpieces you've built for me. The orange and blue one is a fixie you've built for me in 2009 and the black and pink one arrived mid 2010. Here are some details about these two great machines that I really enjoy riding as often as I can. The fixie was my daily commuter in London and the black and pink one is my ride of choice now that I moved back to Holland.

Orange/Blue Vincitore Special with spearpoint lugs 853 tubes
Sugino cranks
Phill Wood hubs and bottom bracket
Velocity Deep V's
Thomson stem and seatpost
Chris King Headset
CNC Curve break (UK made, really cool)
Paul Comp break lever
Carbon straight bars

Black/Pink Professional 725 tubes
With this one I wanted to create a bit of a crazy paint scheme. Hey I'm ordering a custom bike, why go for grey ;-). I loved the 50/50 split on the Paul Smith bikes and added my own colours to it. And a bit of chrome to top it off.
Components are mostly Shimano Dura-Ace.
Easton EA90sl wheels
Brooks Saddle & Bartape
Thomson stem and seatpost
Rond headset

Thanks for building these two great frames, I really enjoy riding them.

Jop from The Netherlands