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I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation. I had a Strada Speciale frame built up by you and which I took delivery of late last year (09). I had long hankered after a Mercian and I wanted it built up to be as close as possible to the steel racers of my youth and which I could never afford at the time. Accordingly, I opted for a quill stem, traditional handbuilt wheels and downtube shifters. Admittedly, I did also opt for 9 speeds which could be seen as a bit of a "sell out" but I have definitely managed to use all of them. Budget was really important for me so I kept the frame build as standard and mostly used parts that I already had to build the bike up. A new addition to the family (other than the Strada) has meant that riding had been fairly sparse but the recent good weather has given me the chance to have a few runs out.

I love the way this bike rides. It is by far the most comfortable bike I have had and it seems so quick and effortless. I know it sounds like a double entendre but the best way to describe it is supple and eager.