Kiems White machine

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I thought you might be interested in my Mercian bike I finished on Finish on the 27th June 2009 . It was originally a gold 1979 frame but you renovated it and I believe it's the same frame that was filmed by the BBC when they made a short about you for bike week? Maybe you can tell me if this is true?

Thank you so much for doing such a great job, I love my bike and it does turn heads.

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Here's the parts list if you are interested.
Pearlescent White Frame
Campagnolo Record Headset
Campagnolo Record crank
Campagnolo bottom bracket
Campagnolo brake
Phil Wood high Flange hubs
Phil Wood sprocket
Velocity Fusion rims
Nitto Jaguar seat pillar
Nitto Pearl stem
Nitto bar
Brook TAn swallow saddle
Toshi Straps
Shit chain
DIrty Harry brake
Cork grips