A letter from Mr S. Richards

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This bike as you can see is well looked after. Mainly built with Campagnolo record and super record equipment it looks a treat.
Below is a sample of Mr Richards letter.
I own a Mercian "Professional" that you built and custom fitted for me in 1987. I purchased it through "WORLD CYCLE" in Dallas, TX. It is a beautiful bike (it has an incredible red, white and blue paint job) and rides like a dream. I had my bike serviced (the mechanics were extremely complimentary about the quality of the frame, & components and the beauty of the paint job) and began my journey back to health. I'm riding again now - as strong as ever - and still think my Mercian bike is the finest thing on two wheels that I've ever ridden. I just wanted to thank you for building such an incredible bicycle; the sheer joy it brings to simply ride it is hard to put in words - so - please accept my heartfelt thanks.

My very best to all those involved in the making of these beautiful bicycles,

Happy riding Mr Richards