Letter from America

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Here we have a picture sent in to me by Chris from Boston , Mass USA and I have put a quote from his letter below :-
I have been riding the new Mercian Audax Special for a few weeks, but only yesterday did I finally have a chance for a long ride, and to try it out off-pavement, both on dirt roads and on rocky tracks in a state forest in Easton, Massachusetts. I am happy to say that the ride is superb: stable, comfortable, and responsive to accelerating and climbing efforts. I felt the floating sensation of ease that marks the best of bicycles. It is quite fun and capable in the rough stuff. In regard to our discussion about the merits of 1970s fork geometry and today's, you are quite right to have said the there are other ways than the new ones. It may be that 55mm offset would not work as well with a 23 or 25mm tire, but I will never know; with a 32mm tire, the bike tracks very well indeed.
Thank you Chris for your pictures and letter.