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Well this book is well worth a look, I got mine through the post the other day from
Waterstones and I'm very impressed. It has the Campagnolo history, from the very early years right up to the brand new 11 speed equipment.
This reminded me of my trips to the Campagnolo factory. I've been lucky enough to have been 4 or 5 times over the years, when Mercian was in charge of the UK warranty.
It's a huge place where the shop floor workers ride bikes to get around from one side to the other (20” wheels by the way), one of the office workers had a Campag equipped mountain bike. It must have changed now but I can remember in one corner of the factory was the early spares part bay. It was a caged off area where only the very early spare parts where kept and I must admit it was absolutely out of this world. Bearing in mind it was stuffed to the rafters with every part you could imagine, only one man was allowed in this area and he knew where everything was and every code number. We got John a few bits to get his bike on the road from there. In the offices upstairs was a corridor which was strictly off limits I learnt in later trips this was where the design team was with prototype equipment and drawings. Dino was in charge of us while we where - there ferrying us around the old town of Vicenza in his Fiat 500 ( i think ) obviously knowing where all the best cafes and pizza cafe's were.