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First of all sorry about the lack of a post last night I had to go out almost direct from work so had very little time on my hands. Anyway enough of the excuses lets get on with it. Ok not the best picture in the world but it does the job. As you see its one of our Velocita frames which come with Dedacciai carbon forks, seat stays and chain stays with alloy vertical dropouts ( sorry no track dropouts are available as yet) . The customer has the choice of tubing available from Reynolds and of course can choose his or her own colour . We found with this frame that customers are getting fed up with buying ready made imported frames which in effect are a compromise. Having to buy odd length stems , cranks and seat pins to get sat in the almost correct position. With our frame the customer is measured so that the rider compartment is made to suit the person so giving a more natural position. Anyway its Sunday morning and I am off out for a spin. See you all soon.