The new Superlight is about to break cover

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Our famous Superlight model is about to make a comeback. We have been busy working behind the scenes on the updated Superlight frame for a while now and they will soon be available. Hand cut cast lugs with other detailing to be revealed soon.  The first will be a conventional Reynolds 853 Pro Team tubing build with a conventional threaded fork column for that classic look. But we have trials ongoing with oversize tubing, then…. well keep your eyes peeled, we won’t give everything away.

Below is a sneak peek of the lug work, still work in progress. Neil has spent plenty of hours prototyping but it’s getting very close to reveal. The advantage of this new Superlight is repairability, a huge benefit for all Mercian models. With the old “pressed lugs” used on earlier Superlights they weren’t as strong as the cast lugs used with current Mercians, so if any tubes need replacing the old pressed lugs couldn’t take it – these can. A repairable Superlight.

Cast seat lug detail 

Top Head Lug

If you want to own your own bespoke new Mercian Superlight you can book a place in the build queue with a deposit here  . We will give you a call and discuss your individual frame or bike requirements.

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