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The vast majority of Mercians are custom built/bespoke to order, although we do have a stock of ready built frames and bikes to call upon if required, so you don’t always have to wait for your new Mercian.

Just as you may prefer a tailor-made suit to an off-the-peg garment, you can have your frame and cycle custom built for you. The perfect size and fit ensures optimum comfort and power output when riding, whether you are commuting, cycling on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the countryside, racing or touring around the world.

We are all individuals with different torso length, shoe size, length of arms and legs, the beauty of a custom built frame is that it’s built to suit you.

Customers who visit our showroom to order a Mercian are sat on a specially designed jig, where skill time and patience ensure a correct frame size and design – tailored to match your needs. This service is free of charge when you buy a Mercian.

If you are unable to visit our shop for a frame-fitting, we can build you the right size frame by just taking a few measurements from you – overall height without shoes and inside leg measurement will allow us to build you a frame with the right seat tube height and top tube length. If you know the size of frame then have a look at the frame builder where you can spec, price and order the Mercian you are looking for.

We build our frames in Reynolds tubing because we think it’s the best, Reynolds have an excellent heritage and product that works hand-in-hand with our philosophy to produce the finest lightweight steel bikes possible. The days of “one tube-set suits all” have well and truly gone, with the introduction of 631, 725, 853, 853 Pro Team and the newest 953 stainless steel tubing – we order your tubes to suit you and your frame, depending on size, intended use, weight carried etc.

One frame-builder builds each frame from start to finish, each has his own number which you will find on the bottom bracket shell near to the unique frame number. There are no production lines here! There aren’t many products on the market that have been built by one craftsman; they take care with each stage of construction, because they put their stamp on it – it’s one of their frames, so it’s a frame you can be proud of.

At Mercian Cycles we aim to maintain and improve on the best practices of traditional hand-crafted methods of building bicycle frames, whilst adapting and updating the frame models with the newest and best materials available to give you a practical, comfortable and enjoyable bike to ride and enjoy for many years.

In order to process your order we ask for a £500 deposit for a Frame only order or £1000 for a Complete Bike order. We try to put a lot of care and time into each frame and bike order to make sure the order is right for you and we order the parts as soon as the order is confirmed with a deposit, for these reasons deposits are non-refundable.

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