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Flamboyant Colours

Flamboyant paints are translucent coloured paints sprayed in a number of coats over a silver or gold base coat. There is no pearl in the flamboyant paint itself but the sparkle and light reflections come from the base coat which shines through the flamboyant top coat in daylight.

No 1 Emerald Green FlamboyantNo 2 Red FlamboyantNo 3 Gold FlamboyantNo 4 Dark Blue FlamboyantNo 5 Lime Green FlamboyantNo 6 Anquetil Blue FlamboyantNo 7 Ruby FlamboyantNo37 Kingfisher Blue FlamboyantNo 38 Purple FlamboyantNo 55 Magenta Flamboyant

Polychromatic Colours

Polychromatic paints are “flatter” metallic paints, (a little like the underside of tin foil) they are metallic but have the tiniest sparkle/pearl flake in them which is visible on close inspection, a nice bright metallic paint for those who don't want too much sparkle. The Super Vigorelli frame pictured for the "Frames" section is Green Polychromatic.

No 8 Champagne PolychromaticNo 9 Purple PolychromaticNo 10 Gold PolychromaticNo 11 Coffee Bronze PolychromaticNo 12 Metallic Blue PolychromaticNo 13 Golden Bronze PolychromaticNo 14 Silver PolychromaticNo 15 Green PolychromaticNo 16 Blue PolychromaticNo 17 Lilac PolychromaticNo 18 Gunmetal Grey Polychromatic

Enamel Colours

Enamel paints are deep gloss paints, no sparkle in the paint, but a vibrant rich colour with a wide choice of colour options.

No 19 Cream EnamelNo 20 Purple EnamelNo 21 Beige EnamelNo 22 White EnamelNo 23 Red EnamelNo 24 Light Blue EnamelNo 25 Black EnamelNo 26 Yellow EnamelNo 27 Orange EnamelNo 28 Royal Blue EnamelNo 29 Riviera Blue EnamelNo 30 Apple Green EnamelNo 31 Canary Yellow EnamelNo 32 British Racing Green EnamelNo 33 Mauve EnamelNo 35 Bianchi Blue EnamelNo 36 Pink EnamelNo 40 Chocolate Brown EnamelNo 41 French Blue EnamelNo 42 Maroon Enamel

Pearl Colours

Pearl paints have a small metallic flake in the paint, not at all garish but a subtle sparkle in the paint itself giving depth and reflection, a fabulous looking paint in the sunshine. White Pearl is a white enamel base coat with a transparent pearlescent top coat.

No 34 Black PearlNo 39 Rose PearlNo 43 Flame Red PearlNo 44 Silver PearlNo 45 Electric Blue PearlNo 46 White PearlNo 47 Turquoise PearlNo 48 Lemon PearlNo 49 Dusky Pink PearlNo 50 Midnight Blue PearlNo 51 Moss Green PearlNo 52 Tobacco PearlNo 53 Mauve PearlNo 54 Purple PearlNo 56 Deep Plum PearlNo 57 Flip/Flop Purple Green PearlNo 58 Blue Intenso PearlNo 59 Champagne PearlNo 60 Racing Green PearlNo 61 Ice Blue PearlNo 62 Leaf Green PearlNo 63 Orange Pearl

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